TSC 2015 Year End Update

2015 UpdateAlex hops on mic to bring you an update about The Skeleton Crew. Where the show has
been and where it will probably be going. Enjoy

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  1. Alex and the Gang

    Whatever you decide to do, I just want to say thank you for the great shows. I stumbled onto your show on Youtube around the time of the Halloween Movie Awards. From there I went to horrorpillia and listened to the shows from the beginning and have been a faithful follower of your show ever since. Finding your show was one of the bright spots that helped me through a dark period in my life that thankfully got better.

    Thank you for the fun times and the Amazing run.

    • Thanks bro, really appreciate that and really glad we were able to make some unhappy times bearable. Hope things are better these days. – Alex

  2. Skeleton Crew,

    I just want to say that I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into each show. I started listening to you guys about a year and a half ago and have enjoyed every second of it. Regardless of what happens, just know you all are the best podcasters I've ever listened to and brought my already extreme love for horror to a new level.

    Thanks again for all that you have done and hope to hear more.

    -Your biggest fan.

    • Thanks Tehk, really nice of you to say. Hopefully we have more gas in the tank in 2016 and can add to the catalog. Thanks for all your kind words, we all appreciate it very much. -Alex

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