TSC #27 Vampires, Bats and Scary Cats

We start off the show discussing the Halloween 4 bluray debacle. The 30 mins of
unseen footage promised to us by Anchor Bay is nowhere to be found. Then we get to
the final questions of the Halloween 4+5 Bluray Giveaway Questions as well as the
contest rules and winner announcement.
Then everyone favorite new segment “Listener Letters” Jon Moran confronts Alex on
his issues with Dick Warlocks performance as Michael Myers on Halloween 2!
After that Alex gives his overall thoughts on Maniac Cop and they crew talks about a
possible future retrospective.
Then Alex and Dan give a complete review of the new Vampire horror film “Midnight
Son” Spoilers are time stamped and mentioned on air. After that John Amplas star of
Martin joins the crew for a real look at the life of the actor.
The crew wraps up the show with the latest news in horror! Bluray release dates! New
movies in production! What’s happening in the world of horror! This is one news
segment you wont wanna fast forward!

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Halloween 4 Bluray Debacle, no promised 30 mins of unseen footage from Anchor Bay


Halloween 4+ 5 Bluray Giveaway final Questions and details on the winner


Listener Letters WHat’s Alex’s problem with Dick Warlock?


Maniac Cop


Midnight Son Complete Review


SPOILERS 25:15 – 34:09

John Amplas (Star of George Romeros Martin) Interview


HorrorBid Healines, the latest in Horror News! Brought to you by 3 asssholes

109:20 – End

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  1. LMAO Love the homage. Thanks, guys. And I love the show. You are hilarious and amazing, as always. We even talked about you this week. Oh, and you have a new fan this week. My friend, Jen, was hanging around when I was listening and got sucked in (she really doesn't like radio shoes). xxx

  2. Thanks so much! That means so much that you take the time to listen and enjoy what we put out! I’ve recently started getting into more shows on the site and yours is a favorite of mine. You and David have great chemistry! Thanks again!

  3. Thanks so much Jamie! Really appreciate the kind words! Very nice of you! I'm listening to DTP right now and I'm at the first review. Another great one as well so far! I LOVE you laugh and will always be jealous at how well you guys cover horror news! Stellar as always!
    Well hello Jen! Thanks for exposing one more unfortunate person to this show! lol Always appreciate it!
    Thanks again! xxx

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