TSC #32 Halloween 1978 vs Halloween 2007

HorrorBid’s The Skeleton Crew Episode 32:
Halloween 1978 vs Halloween 2007

1:00 – 7:30
We start off the show discussing feedback from Mikes wacky Halloween 6 interview on
the last show. Did he have sex with the VHS tape? Alex’s Halloween short
(movie/homage) premiers October 15th on HorrorBid.com.

8:00 – 11:30
We asked Skeleton Crew listeners to submit some e-mails giving us their Halloween
observations, issues, gripes and views. We get into a Halloween H20 sent in by Jerry
V! Is it a big deal to the crew that H2O ignores Halloween 4-6?

13:45 – 19:00
make mention of the fact that this past Friday was Donald Pleasance 93
Birthday. It turns out Michael J. is completely obsessed with any actor
who plays Dr. Loomis! Find out how odd the day Michael J. meet Malcolm
McDowell was.

21:50 – 52:00
Well get into the age old debate Halloween 1978 vs Halloween 2007. Can Alex finally
set everyone straight about why Halloween
2007 completely dropped the ball? Can he convince Mike and Dan that Rob
Zombie completely missed the essence of the character of Michael Myers
and the spirit of Halloween. Can Mike and Dan convince Alex that Rob Zombie did all
he possibly could given the circumstances he was dealt dealing with the Weinstein’s?
Does Alex make a million good points and still not budge Mike an inch!? Find out…

52:30 – End

Crew gets into all the hottest news in horror! The Simpsons NEW
Treehouse of Horror premiers tonight! Michael J. gives us the low down
on all the newest bluray releases! Tales from the Crypt on FEARnet. The prices of
Halloween blurays raise and drop like crazy! What went up? What went down? The
crew gets into NFL talk for about 2 minutes! Who is everyone’s favorite
team? We get to hear Mike watch the Lords of Salem trailer
LIVE! Alex walked in on his parents having sex! 2wice!!!!!! He talks
about the first time in FULL DETAIL! The crew gives you the schedule for AMC for
October 31st, Halloween Day!

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