TSC #40 Silent Night Deadly Night vs Silent Night (2012)

SilentNightVSRemakeDarkerThe Skeleton Crew #40 Silent Night Deadly Night vs Silent Night (2012)

Intro – 5:29

The Crew talks about how you can win 5 free Red Box codes
for Christmas! This giveaway is sponsored by RedBox.com and Horrorphilia.com

5:30 – 6:35

A mention of the shooting in Connecticut

6:36 – 7:20

David Anders from Devour the Podcast is on his way to the dungeon!

7:30 – 10:45

Alex asks David how Devour got started and how Jamie Jenkins
came on board. We get the brief history of the origin of the show.

12:40 – 48:00

Silent Night Deadly Night (1984) vs. Silent Night (2012)

50:30 – 1:00:15

Silent Night Deadly Night 2

1:00:20 – 1:14:00

Dan and Alex get into Dan’s favorite Christmas Horror Movie!
Santa’s Slay!

1:15:15 – End

The Crew signs off…till next year

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