TSC #42 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Retrospective (Part 2)

TCM3DShowEditedThe Skeleton Crew #42 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Retrospective (Part 2)
Intro –58:00
A full in depth discussion and review of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre(2003)

58:01 – 1:33:30
TCM The Beginning (2006) does it add to the remake? Is it as good? Does it exceed it?

1:33:01 – 2:26:00
Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) Love it, hate it, oe just eh… it’s here! Lets get into this! A full in depth review of the newest entry of the series!

SPOILERS 1:59:00 – 2:26:00

2:26:01 – 2:28:45
Chop Top (TCM 2) sings Clown Smile (Death Warmed Over)

2:28:46 – 2:40:00
The Crew wraps up the Retrospective and compares the final 3 TCM movies to each other.

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