TSC #43 MaMa can be so Sinister

Skeleton Crew 43The Skeleton Crew #43:

MaMa can be so Sinister

0:00 – 9:00
Alex has the flu, Jamie has a sex life again and Friday the 13th Part 9 should be like this!

9:01 – 13:59
The Crew gets feedback on their Texas Chainsaw Massacre Rretrospective

14:00 – 17:50
Listener Letter “What are your goals for future internet ventures?

17:50 – 24:30
The Skeleton Crew breaks ratings records on Horrorphilia Podcast Network

25:15 – 35:00
Alex went to go see The Last Stand starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Will there ever be another Jackass movie?

35:01 – 1:19:55
Sinister (2012) Review

1:21:00 – 1:28:00
The crazy coincidence between MaMa and The Last Stand. Can Alex really see “Signs”?

1:28:00 – 2:04:30
Our Feature Presentation Review of MaMa (2013)

2:04:31 – End
The Crew goofs off for a few minutes and signs off.

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