TSC #44 The Innkeepers “Rap” it up with V/H/S/ Tape

Show44HBThe Skeleton Crew #44:

The Innkeepers “Rap” it up with V/H/S/ Tape

0:00 – 7:30
Matt makes a new shirt to welcome Jamie to the show. Alex hits rock bottom during the Lost Halloween Footage interview!

7:31 – 15:30
Is Jamie right for the show? Alex is going through a Jean-Claude Van Damme phase. Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning 2013

15:31 –18:30
The Crew announces their next retrospective!

20:30 – 37:00
Innkeepers 2012 review!

37:15 – 45:10
Pat “The Ghoul Unda Ya Bed” doesn’t leave his rap song on Skeleton Crew voicemail, so Alex drops his song on the show.

Our Feature Presentation

45:15 – 1:15:29
V/H/S/ 2012 review!

1:15:30 – 1:25:15
Dan and Jamie talk The Following and how its future. Scary Movie 5… nah lets talk Michael Jackson, he was in Scary Movie 3 right?

1:25:15 – 1:40:00
Listener Letters! Our YouTube Channel was stolen. Subscribe to our new one!

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