TSC #45 Linda Blair meets The Skeleton Crew

Show45The Skeleton Crew #45 Linda Blair meets The Skeleton Crew

0:00 – 2:00
Intro what’s you can look forward too on this show

3:45 – 29:30

Eric Morse AKA William Patterson joins the crew to tell us about his experiences with writing the Friday the 13th novels. How much time did he have to write them? How much money did he make? What are all the horrible things that happened to him while writing other novels. This is some stuff you wont wanna miss!

31:00 – 59:00
Wrong Turn 5 (2012) Review

1:01:45 – 1:05:00
Eric Morse promotes Artists In Horror Month! Will you follow his movement?

1:06:00 – 1:08:00
Mama gets a voicemail!

1:07:45 – 1:09:45
Linda Blair interview up next! What is Alex willing to ask? Will he cross the line?

1:11:30 – 1:29:34
Linda Blair AKA Regan from The Exorcist 1973 joins The Crew to talk The Exorcist 40 years later!

1:30:45 – End
Matt Wessel votes on of us off of the island! Alex and Dan wrap up the show. They talk about the Linda Blair interview and the next retrospective PSYCHO which will be on show #46! Don’t miss it!

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