TSC #48 PSYCHO Retrospective Part 3

PSYCHO4PosterThe Skeleton Crew #48 PSYCHO Retrospective Part 3
Intro – 12:29
The crew let you know what you’re in for in the final installment of the PSYCHO Retrospective. We get into a listener letter as well as our next show and 1 year celebration!

18:00 – 1:29:00
A full in depth discussion and review of PSYCHO 4.

1:31:0 – 2:02:30
Creator of The PSYCHO Legacy (doc on all 4 PSYCHO movies (available at Amazon.com)) joins us to talk PSYCHO 1998 “the remake”! You DO NOT wanna miss this!

2:02:31 – 2:22:00
Alex, Dan and Jamie wrap up the PSYCHO Retrospective. They rank the movies and give there overall thoughts. What will the future bring to the Skeleton Crew? Stick around and find out, there’s lots of fun to be had!

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  1. The end of psycho 3 ruined it for me for psycho 4. You'd think there's closure because he found the courage to destroy Mrs. Spools body but when being driven off he had her hand which shows he didn't change so the end of 4 was meaningless since how do we know he even changed at all this time as well.

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