TSC #52 Dan Dies at the End of The Lords of Salem

TSC 52The Skeleton Crew #52 Dan Dies at the End of The Lords of Salem

00:00 – 11:30
Upcoming interviews for the show! Retrospectives and the

future of them. Alex takes sleeping medication? Nah… can’t be serious… The big
50th 1 year show! Did we get to everything? NO! WTF? How many names
can Alex possibly mess up? Listener letters, Linda Blair interview!

12:00 – 1:18:00
The A&E Bates Motel Episode 1-5 review! Lets check into cabin 12 and chill while we get into this epic horror TV show!

1-18:50 – 1:40:00
Dan and Alex interview Don Coscarelli, director of Phantasm 1-4 and John dies at the End. Listen as Dan talks flicks, shrooms and soy sauce.

1:42:00 – 1:48:30
The Crew discusses the Linda Blair debacle

1:51:30 – 2:33:00
The Lords of Salem review 2013… Matt Wessel joins Alex to review The Lords of Salem.

2:34:00 – 3:07:00
Dan and Jamie review the 3rd Season of The Walking Dead. They review The Following and Dan reviews Hannibal.

3:08:00 – End
Alex bought JAWS on bluray! The Crew discusses the bombing in Boston!

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