TSC #56 Robert Rusler made us SMILEy

56BannerHBSkeleton Crew #56 Robert Rusler made us SMILEy

 0:00 – 9:00
We start the show off talking about how much fun we had with Robert Rusler of Nightmare on Elm St 2 and Weird Science. He had such a great time that he called us back after the interview just to chat. It was truly a night to remember. We let you know what’s coming up on tonight’s show.

9:30 – 16:45
Pat The Ghoul and Jake Corthouse return to talk the Scream TV series coming to MTv as well as Breaking Bad!

17:00 – 59:00
The Crew get into a full review of the movie that’s know as the worst horror movie of 2012! SMILEY Is it really though? Alex doesn’t think so, Dan doesn’t think so.. but Jamie sure does and she’s gonna tell them why. Can Jamie convince Alex and Dan that they don’t despise this movie enough? What could Alex and Dan possibly say good about it? They have 36 minutes to convince the horror community that they should give this another chance.

1:00:00 – 2:00:00
Robert Rusler joins the Crew for a fire side chat. We get into Nightmare on Elm St 2, Weird Science, Black Asylum. What were the babes and parties like when Robert became a star? Robert gets into his friendship with Iron Man Robert Downey Jr., who also happens to be Alex’s favorite actor since he could remember. It’s a real fun time so check it out and help support Robert film Black Asylum. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/387020587/black-asylum (expires June 5th so hurry)

2:02:00 – 2:20:00
Alex and Dan give their thoughts on Iron Man 3. This overall view of the movie CONTAINS SPOILERS! Please remember that, the SPOILER section is mentioned on the show itself.

2:21:00 – End
Gary Hill from http://cinemabeefpodcast.blogspot.com thought he was gonna call in and leave a message. To his surprise the Crew was in the dungeon. So he got to battle it out with Jamie and fill her in on why Lords of Salem is not as perfect as she think. This should be interesting.

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