TSC #66 The Friday The 13th Challenge

Crew66Banner0:00 – 5:59
It’s Friday the 13th, what makes it special to you?

6:00 – 26:45
Jonathan Orr puts our very own Jamie Jenkins to the challenge! Does she REALLY know her Friday the 13th stuff? If you thought the questions were difficult on “Are You Smarter Than a Horror Podcaster” wait till you hear this shit! Can you top Jamie Jenkins in points? Get out your pen and paper, or ask Dan Chase to keep score for you.

26:50 – 29:00
Dean Farnell made a song called Friday the 13th! Check it out!

29:01 – 31:00
Ethel from Friday the 13th 5 talks some Skeleton Crew. Howard Stern talks Jason Voorhees and Kane Hodder!

31:01 – 1:11:50
Hot horror chick Jessica Cameron joins Alex and Dan and talks her upcoming film Truth or Dare. Then Jessica gets into Evil Dead 2013, The Purge, You’re Next, The Sleeper, The Conjuring, Adam Green, See No Evil 2 and A Serbian Film! Who wont believe the bomb she drops on Lords of Salem! Did Rob Zombie really say what she heard him say! It’s shocking to say the least.

1:11:51 – 1:20:00
Alex has some fun living and re-creating Friday the 13th The Final Chapter! Dan goes fanboy on Adrienne King! Listen as he brings her to tears!

1:21:00 – 1:42:00
Alex, Dan and Jamie talk some horror to round out the show. Alex talks Hammer Frankenstein movies. Jamie talks ABC’s of Death, Jeffery Dahmer Files and My Amityville. Dan talks the RoboCop Remake and At Worlds End. Alex and Dan wrap it up with the epic greatness of Sons of Anarchy Season 6 expectations!

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