TSC #74 Best Horror 2013, Rear End Review and Crystal Lake Memories

74BannerThe Skeleton Crew #74 Best Horror 2013, Rear End Review and Crystal Lake Memories

0:00 – 7:00
Alex, Dan and Jamie start off the show talking the changes the Crew made in 2013.

7:30 – 53:00
Alex, Dan, Jamie and Dave Z from BananaLaser talk Crystal Lake Memories! The documentary that was released October 2013 which covered the entire Friday the 13th movie series!

55:00 – 1:33:00
Alex, Dan and Jamie talk the very best of 2013 in horror. They each give their top 3 picks of the year!

1:33:00 – End
The Crew wraps it up with what 2013 did to the show. The Crew says a little something about Michael J. and the loss of his father. Alex says one last thing about the decision to part ways with Mike and what it meant to have Jamie step in. Alex then talk their departure from HorrorBid.com and why it had to be that way.

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