TSC #86 There’s No Place Like Home

86FinalSkeleton Crew #86 There’s No Place Like Home


0:00 – 15:30

Alex had his 15 mins of fame last week! He posted a “controversial” meme about Mark in Friday the 13th Part 2 in Camp Crystal (Meth) Lake Alumni (Facebook Group Page). It resulted in him and everyone associated with the Skeleton Crew Via Facebook getting banned! The body count is now over 20 people on Camp Crystal Lake Alumni banned list. The Crew (listeners) dropped what they were doing and stood up for Alex and his right to freedom of expression without hesitation. Alex didn’t even ask for his, they did it while he was in bed sleeping. That is friendship and loyalty you can not buy, Alex was eternally grateful.

15:30 – 17:30

Jamie and Alex audition for the Silence of the Lambs Remake.

17:30 – 33:00

Rob Zombie released a teaser trailer for his upcoming horror film 31. Is he coming back for Halloween 3 (Season of the Bitch)? What does the Crew make of this teaser? Anchor Bay and Scream Factory teamed up and are releasing all 10 Halloween movies in one 15 disc bluray box set!

33:00 – 35:00

Alex audition for Nightmare on Elm Street 2 remake!

36:00 – 41:00

Halloween 666 Producers Cut WILL be included in the Halloween bluray box set! Is that a good thing or does this cut just plain suck?Nightmare on Elm Street Doc Never Sleep Again is on Netflix!

42:00 – 48:15

Alex’s hosted a radio special called Horror Hits! Alex hand picked his fav songs from horror movies and talked between the song for a highly fun and entertaining time. Check it out if you missed it! It makes a long ride home and night really great.

48:45 – 50:00

Jamie auditions for the Exorcist remake!

50:00 –
www.Fright-Rags.com selling awesome GPK horror shirts! The Crew talks about a few movies they recently watched, The Monkeys Paw (2013), Pin (1988) and Intruder (1989).

58:15 – 59:30

Alex auditions for A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and give a very emotional performance that almost brings Jamie to tears.

1:00:00 – 1:22:00

Gary Hill of Cinema Beef Podcast joins Alex and Dan for a review of Resolution (2012) SPOILERS announced!

1:23:00 – End

Jamie’s friend Bo wrote a script and it has been made into a movie called Lost After Dark (2014). It is made in the spirit of an 80’s slasher starring Robert Patrick! Be sure to
keep updated! A listener tells the Crew that FearNet was not canceled! WTF?

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Trailer for Lost After Dark


  1. ha its the T1 000 himself as an axe murdering maniac……. I'll be back……. to watch this at some point

  2. Alex your 'Friday-Mark' meme was hysterical. My first thought was not of a slap to the face of the handicap, but of "Well I guess this is my life now" hilarity ensues. Now I know not to go to stupid Nazi-style group pages.

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