TSC #87 Crystal Lake Alumni Grab Some Popcorn

87Skeleton Crew #87 Crystal Lake Alumni Grab Some Popcorn

0:00 – 15:30
Alex starts off talking about the beginning of his horror radio days. August 9th 2010 the man the myth the mediocre nut case first sat behind a mic. 4 days later he changed the face of that show forever. He talks about the interviews he will be playing from that show and what went down with HorrorBid now and then.

15:30 – 16:30
The Crew auditions for a Scream Remake

16:30 – 29:15
Alex interviewed Debbie Sue Voorhees in 2005, here is that never before heard interview!

30:30 – 59:30
The Crew reviews the film Popcorn (1991) SPOILERS Announced! You can watch the movie on YouTube!

59:45 –
Alex and Dave audition for a PSYCHO Remake!

1:06:20 – 21:15:00
On August Friday the 13th 2010 Alex interviewed Miguel A. Núñez (Demon Friday the 13th Part 5) with his former co-host. This one is too good to be missed!

1:21:20 – 1:42:00
On August Friday the 13th 2010 Alex interviewed Russel Todd (Scot Friday the 13th Part 2) with his former co-host. This one is too good to be missed!

1:43:10 – 1:46:30
In this segment Jamie discusses a run in she had with a disgruntled Facebook friend who took offense to a joke she made regarding Jim Wynorski’s use of “weekday lunch shift strippers in his film Sorority House Massacre 2. Then the Crew wraps things up!

Do not Miss Show Number 88! It is the biggest Friday the 13th Extravaganza ever! The Friday the 13th Franchise vs The Halloween Franchise!

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  1. You're so full of shit, Alex. RIR is not defunct. Do you understand, most people in the Horror podcasting community, dislike you a great deal.

    • CJM I dont think Alex gives a fuck what people in the community think of him. Youre all clearly all listening to everything he does. So the hate is obviously jealousy lmao

      • Nope. I don't listen. Haven't in a very long time now. I had heard about what was said. This guy has a history of doing this stuff behind the scenes.

        • Someone told you? Does he get quoted often around the community? Sounds like bs to me but lets just say your serious. If you dont listen why do you care man? What is the difference what he said about anything if you disregard him, to the point where you decided that a certain show would be the last one you heard? How could someone you have ignored for months prompt a response out of you?If you dont listen, then your opinions are irrelevant.
          You dont even know him on any level whatsoever, so how do you know what he does behind the scenes? Because someone else said so? Did you ever hear that there are 2 sides to every story?

  2. To weigh in here correct Jeremy, I do not give a fuck about this "podcasting community" Chris speaks of. there are far more positive people in my life who enjoy my company or my show very much. Too many to pay any mind to Chris and his community of 5 other guys.
    Chris your opinion never really mean all that much to me because all you ever did was whine in your feedback when you did listen. Yet you never had the talent to put out a better show. Complaining was just easier for you I guess. Your opinions always sucked anyway… I cant take a guy serious when he believe that the last good horror movie was made in 1987. You were a horror fan, we ARE horror fans.

    • Leaving you feedback?? The feedback I always would leave back on HB, was positive. I liked you & you're show. You just would always get defensive about stuff. Look, you became sour & still are, when you were given the shaft on RIR when they 1st started out. BTW, it was then site owner Justin who told the other guys, that you weren't cutting it. So they parted ways with you. You still have that in you're mind. Go ahead & deny it all you want.

      What's this stuff about me thinking the last good H-Movie was made in 87?? I never said anything like that. Do I tend to gravitate to the older movies, YES. Does that mean I don't appreciate any of the modern stuff, NO.

      Yeah, my opinions always sucked LOL. See, there you go again. When someone's OPINION differs from your's, "They Suck".

      Why would I want to start a podcast?? Never had any interest in doing so. Nor Have I ever said you're podcast sucked. I said above, I liked it. There's only really one way to do one of these things, get in front of a MIC & talk. I never dissed you're format. Why would I? Or anyone for that matter. It's not like you did something revolutionary, now is it? In fact, you most likely wouldn't have even had a podcast, if it weren't for other people that came to you & asked you if you wanted another chance.

  3. Positive feedback? You basically attacked our opinions Chris…

    Chris, who's Kool-Aid are you drunk on? You seriously think that youre going to sit here and convince me that the 3 times I quit RIR because Vince was being a prick, that I was asked to leave?
    You have got to be joking right?

    I guess thats why Vince constantly asked me to come back huh?

    Guess that's why Justin agreed to have me back as show runner? Guess thats why our show has grown beyond anyone expectations. Yet I dont cut it, ok bro.

    I think its cute that your loyal to Vince but you dont know ANYTHING about them or me. Maybe you should stay out of things you know nothing about.

    Just because all you guys think I revolutionized horror podcasting (and your bitter that RIR doesnt have the creativity to do so) dont project that on me. Frankly I was biting my tounge and was very polite to you considering how rude you were with your feedback. Why should I be nice to you here while youre attacking me? I am not bitter Chris, if you see it that way then thats your problem. People who ACTUALLY know me, know what a kind, generous and thoughtful person I am. Everyone who is with me sticks with me. If I was really the problem and it wasnt Mike and Vince, then why are they the two woth a history of drama with wveryone they work with? Think about it

  4. I never attacked you're opinions. Name me one time. When & about what?? You can't because I never did.

    The only time Justin asked you back is because Mike went back to him, made good, then asked if you wanted to head the show.

    Loyal to Vince & those guys & they're shows?? Then I guess by that logic, I'm loyal to every other Podcast & they're hosts too. Do I have that about right??

    "Just because all of you think I revolutionized horror podcasting"?? NOW IT'S YOU THAT HAS GOT TO BE JOKING. I never said nor thought that, either. I said that in my above post. You make it sound like you're better then everyone, right now. Look, I know you've had trouble with the bottle in the past & most likely some other stuff too, so I'm going to cut YOU some slack now. I say that because, you might be higher then a kite , as you say the things that you're saying.

    Alex, all you are is a child grown old. Fact of the matter is, nobody wanted anything to do with you at the time. You were given a break as a result of others.

  5. On another not, None of those guys sent me here to say something on the matter. As I said in my initial post, alot of people out there have problems with you. But then again, I guess I'm LOYAL to a fault LOL.

  6. You got it all figured out Chris… you just ripped my fucking life apart. I am an alcoholic drug addict that has no talent or friends. The whole show is a fluke and I didnt earn any of it. I didnt breath any new life into anything and yet I make it sound like I am better than everyone else. When i said that, I dont really recall… glad you do recall.
    Vince is the master of the podcast universe and it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up and realizes I suck and RIR is where real podcasting is at. All this time I have been fooling everyone into thinking they have been enjoying themselves for 2 straight years. Its a shame that more and more people are being fooled into thinking I am worth listening to. I really hope that all the truths your spouting here are a true wake up call to everyone I have been deceiving this whole time.
    Now everyone (including myself) can really sit down and face the facts that I am a grown child. Only you Chris, have it all figured out and was kind enough to fill me in on such facts. Thank you so much Chris… I will aspire to be the internet troll you are one day and spam on other people hard work. Because that is surly what a real grown man would spend his time doing.

  7. Yep I guess I do. And once again, I liked you're show when it started out. I even liked you. I never had any 1 favorite podcast. I didn't favor RIR over you. And why do you keep brining Vince in to this?? He has nothing to do with this. Or does he?? When you go on you're show & say that another show is "Defunct" that's just stupid. RIR is not "Defunct" In fact, you're making it sound as if, when you were booted off that show, it all of a sudden went down the tubes. Not the case. What, just because they're not here on this site, know body knows/listens to that show?

    So yeah, when I hear something that someone says about someone or something else, that simply is not true, I am going to respond, & I did. It's the whole world against Alex for no reason. Alex is the goody 2 shoes that he makes himself out to be. It's always someone else's fault.

    BTW, are you still on HB?? How's that working out for ya?

  8. Yep I guess I do. And once again, I liked you're show when it started out. I even liked you. I never had any 1 favorite podcast. I didn't favor RIR over you. And why do you keep brining Vince in to this?? He has nothing to do with this. Or does he?? When you go on you're show & say that another show is "Defunct" that's just stupid. RIR is not "Defunct" In fact, you're making it sound as if, when you were booted off that show, it all of a sudden went down the tubes. Not the case. What, just because they're not here on this site, know body knows/listens to that show?

    So yeah. When I hear someone such as you're self go on a show & say something that is totally untrue, I will respond. If you don't like it, keep you're mouth shut.

    • Oh really Chris? So when did I and the show start sucking? Because I never heard anyone say anything besides it keeps getting better as we get more experience. When exactly did when Jump the Shark for you buddy?

      Wow man you are REALLY trying to convince people that I was booted from RIR huh? Shit I will enlighten you as to why I left after Justin fired us from HorrorBid, even though it may make me look worse than actually getting booted… I left because i didnt wanna spend 2 nights a week so that 4 people can listen to our show on TheDevilsEyes… If the show wasnt on HorrorBid with a real audience, I wasnt willing to waste my time. That's the truth… as shallow as it makes me look that's the truth. I told them that I am not as dedicated as they are to put that much time into a show that no one will hear. I may even have the email in some archives in facebook. But if you dont believe that I really dont give a damn.

      You fabricating this notion that I was the one booted only makes you look less credible. Do you really think that anyone who has heard the majority of Skeleton shows is going to believe I couldnt cut it? Do you really think if they went and checked out RIR shows that they are going to say "hmm yea listen to this.. Alex really isnt at this amazing level. I can now see why they let him go." Are you really that naive Chris?
      If you think that show is "better" and Im not on that level… then listen to them till your ears bleed and stay not listening to mine. I would hate to think that I am bringing happiness to a spiteful internet bully like you.
      Go back to your happy rabbit hole and stay out of the big leagues.

  9. So RIR isn't in actuality defunct but it probably should be. How many hits does it get on youtube? like 10 views a show or something? So come here and attack Alex that makes a lot of sense. You don't lnow anything about his personal life so why take shots at him here.
    Is it really such a big deal if he said it was defunct instead of irrelevant? Leave this show alone, it doesn't need haters. Stick with your sub-par shows like RIR and Morbidly made and let us enjoy a real show.

  10. I never said you're show sucked. I stopped listening to it when I started reading emails etc. from all the shit you were saying. Never 1nce did I say the show sucked to anyone, nor wrote it anywhere. And I also never said that you were a bad host. This whole thread was started because you said some bullshit stuff. You're the one twisting shit around here. Go back through this entire thread and find where I said you're show sucks.

    As for dave Argento, don't even respond unless you're going to use you're real name. Because you're just a nut hugger. I thought Alex was a big boy. I guess not.

    Fact is, Alex is a bottom feeder.

    • To anyone who is interested…
      On the last show I described Rabbit in Red (a horror podcast I was on for about 3 months, 4 years ago) as defunct. I was told the host walked out on the show a few months ago. Therefore I thought they wrapped it up. Apparently they are still going strong with our former co-host Michael J. If you would like to hear what he has been up to, visit http://www.thedevilseyes.com

      Now tell me, are you still being a dick when you post this, or are you trying to walk back what you originally said?

    • It actually automatically gave me that name because that is my name on Facebook. You arent even using your real name and I have nothing to hide. I responded because you are out of line and Alex is a good friend of mine.

  11. Are you trying to say that you & those guys are all buddy buddy now?? You tell me. Otherwise, this is the kind of shit that I'm talking about, when it comes to you. You're a shit starter.

  12. My name is Chris. It's been said throughout this thread. And no, I'm not out of line. People like Alex are instigators. As I said above, he's a shit starter. Never once Have I come on here and attacked him or anyone else for that matter. But when he says shit just to stir up stuff, well a response will be given. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.

    • Ya and my name is Dave, as you can see. Don't blast me for no good reason. So why not let the people he said something about work it out with him? Don't come on Horrorphilia stirring up drama. This is our site, Horrprphilia doesn't host the shows you speak of so we don't need to deal with it. If that's what you listen to that's just fine but don't start shit here, thats all I'm saying.

    • Chris this has all been pointless and no points have ever gotten through those rabbit ears of yours. So I am finished wasting my time. I hope you read your bogus little emails about me years ago. Sorry but the way things are going for this show, I can just cant be upset that ONE person stopped listening. Now matter how hard I try I just cant… It just doesnt mean all that much to me.
      Furthermore I will NOT keep my mouth shut and I WILL talk shit about anyone or any show I feel like it. I have the mic not you… and I will worry about what people will listen to, not you. So shut your pie hole and go read emails about me and lose another hundred hours of what coulda been a great time with the show. This is all your loss no one else's. Every day things just keep getting better and better for me and every day your life is stuck in neutral.
      Youre just a child who couldnt comprehend what is going on here. So dont listen to my voice or read anything else about me. No one cares what your assessment is of me. I have exposed every lie you made on here and I dont have time to do it forever, which each new lie they feed you. You are friends with a shit storm of social retards. Neither Mike, Rich or Vince have been properly integrated into society. They dont know the meaning of the word honesty or love. They havent experienced enough social interaction to understand how to deal with the real world and it's people. Throughout this whole conversation, you have proved that you don't either. The same way I ignore all of them, I decided to stop giving you the benefit of the doubt and I am now ignoring you. I am done treating your remarks as valid and giving them thought. You lost that privilege when nothing got through to you. Have an amazing fulfilling time with whatever new hosts hack it up under the name RIR….

      • that was a spelling and grammar nightmare but I am rushing off to important shit… Im sure youll get the point regardless.

  13. You're a riot. And here's the thing, None of the shit you're saying over the internet, would you ever say if confronted face to face. Because the fact of the matter is, you'd get stomped on. Yeah, you have a mic. Woopty dooo. That's all you have. ……Bitch

    • Whenever you beat them mentally, they always turn to physical threats. Total mental midget lol That means you win again Alex! Sweet!

  14. Oh, what's this?? I thought you were done? I didn't threaten Alex, physically. If I were to, I would have actually come out and said it. Besides, Alex wouldn't be worth it. He's small time.

    As for Jeremy, why don't you try really hard to dislodge you're mouth from Alex's flesh flute. I know that's asking alot, but it's for the best, long term.

  15. CJM1976 do you have a job? You seem to spend most of the time here attacking people from TSC, and know one even gives a rats ass about what you have to say about them. I just enjoy the show, and don't really need to dive into their personal lives or feuds. You on the other hand have brought a personal grudge over here, why not email Alex instead of trying to put on a show to get people to hate on him.

  16. Hey Jack. Yes I have a job. And no, I don't have to come on here to get people to dislike Alex. He's done that all by himself. I called him out on his bullshit. If he would have said what he said through email or PM, then I would have delt with it in those formats. But that's not how it happened. According to Alex, he has a Mic, so he can say whatever he wants, even to stir up shit. So why don't you and the other's stop sucking Alex's dick, and stay out of it.

  17. Oh Man. Now I see why other's feel like Alex rips them off. Just received an email from someone proving that Alex takes from others, & passes it off as his own. Then he deletes it from his FB page LOL. Alex, you're such a silly goose LOL.

  18. Why are you still posting here? Just get the fuck over whatever it is that is bothering you. It's not like we are all going to stop listening to TSC, because you don't like Alex.

  19. Then why do you and his followers keep coming back?? I never said that I wanted to get people to stop listening to his show. ONCE AGAIN, I STARTED THIS THREAD TO CALL HIM OUT ON HIS BS. Period. I didn't say his show sucked. Keep listening to it. Won't bother me. Keep being his friend. Won't bother me.

  20. Man, it looks to me like the only one legitimately feeling the need to play Alex's skin flute is this Chris character. Man dude, do you spend ANY time doing ANYTHING else with the oxygen you're so blaintly robbing the people on earth with actual sense in their skulls? I know, I know, you felt a little bitchy about something he said, then needed to be heard, because thepeople in your life, if any, probably could not give a fuck WHAT comes out of your mouth. You're obviously one of those "get the last word in" bitches. Look, Alex is repected and liked by a great deal of listeners and im sure the outside world as well. Why don't you just finish your homework son, and maybe one day when you're a big boy, if you eat your veggies and mind your manners like mommy says, you'll grow up to have a nice job and we can all drive up to you to say hello and ask for more salt, pepper, and ketchup. Sensitive little bitch ass. Alex, dont waste one more SECOND on this kid. You have what it takes. He just has a keyboard. And probably alot of kleenex and hand lotion.

  21. Is that all that you have?? Ya know, I wish I new you guys 20 years ago, now. That's assuming most of you were alive. This way, I could have round all of you up & taken you with me to some of the worst hell holes this earth has to offer. This way, you'd see just how weak & insignificant many of your lives really are.

    RyanK, Unless you can actually sound like you have an IQ higher then a hamster, I suggest you go back to giving you're self fellatio. You want to keep going, keep it going.

  22. Chris, Chris, Chris. Haha.. you pathetic disgrace to mankind. Please do not question my intellect. The most syllables you've used thus far was in the word fellatio. Number one, be grateful technology provided spell check, or you might have lost your opportunity to sound smart. Second, you speak of blow jobs repetitively in your closing arguments, is that your "job" you mentioned having earlier leaving your hands so free to have senseless internet batter? Finally, Fellatio comes from the latin word Fellare which means TO SUCK…so, cheers to you, you 've described yourself with perfect precision. Oh, and if you fell off the face of the earth whether it be 20 years ago or in the last 5 minutes, the only thing anyone would notice is more space to write things on this page people actually care about. This hell hole you speak of, just have your wife freshen up with a shower now and then buddy, things will look up for you! Best Regards.

  23. I take it that you're one of those aborted babies that lived. Too bad I didn't know where you live. We could hang out.

    As for questioning you're intellect, you completely missed what I said when I used the "20 years ago" phrase. You wouldn't last 2 minutes in my world. You'd be used & abused 8 ways from Sunday, then tossed in some shit hole, in a 3rd world country. So don't sit there and think you're "so smart". All's you are, is some Mo Mo that most likely dresses up every night in some sissy outfit, looking for a group of Korean midgets to use you're backside as they're own personal semen depository.

  24. Jesus you were kidding Ryan, this guy really does always have to get the last word. We should just say anything on here and barely mention his name and see if he is compelled to write back lol

  25. Yes, I'm very persistent. You guys decided to jump in here. I had nothing against you guys. Never even heard of any of you. It can end now.

  26. Thank you oh great one! Hey everyone, we can end it now! Would somebody PLEASE show this highly medicated, delusional, last-word-loser how a horror movie begins and cut the power on him? Whoever sold him access to the internet should be shoved into a cage next to this douchebag and forced to listen to his constant whining! Alex, you should feel honored someone who originally claimed to have lost interest in your show and respect for you put SO MUCH EFFORT into a point he has yet to make! Great work Alex!

  27. lol Thanks, I just cant believe this guy is still writing here? It's sad really… It's gotta make you wonder what is really going on out there in the world.
    Strange how he always has to get the last word. I wonder if that one guy was right, just say anything and then his name and he will respond to it. I wonder how he contucts the interactions in his real life? How does he get the last word all the time? Does he yell things out of the window when he drives off in his car? Does he yell one last time and then hang up on everyone? Really strange….
    Time to show us all youre bettwr than us and have far too much to do than respond to random people u dont know Chris. Im sure theres an awesome MorbidlyMade waiting for you. You can write me personally and let me know how disgusted you are with me. The email to our show is under our show description. I cant promise I will take the time to respond but it may be therapeutic for you regardless.

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