TSC #92 Mark Patton Let the Right One In

92 (1)Skeleton Crew #92
Mark Patton Let the Right One In
0:00 – 15:30
Alex starts the show off talking about Scott Montgomery and his 40 facebook groups. Started the gay theme of the show off Alex, Jamie and Dave Z. discuss whether or not being gay is a choice or natural instinct.

18:30 – 29:00
What’s goin on in the world of horror. How much would you pay for a bluray?

29:30 – 56:00
Ready for more of Alex’s crazy coincidences? These one’s are gonna make your jaw drop! Then Alex, Jamie and Dave get into the world of TV Shows. Alex’s compares Sons of Anarchy to Breaking Bad!

56:00 – 1:37:00
Star of Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2, Mark Patton gets into all things NOES2 with Alex. There are some audio quality issues during the interview, our apologize.

1:39:00 – 1:57:00
Alex and Jamie have problems with Rob Zombie (net worth 40 million) asking fans to back his new movie (31) when they wont see a share of the profit. Dave Z. thinks it’s perfectly okay for millionaires to ask fans for money even thought it may negatively affect kickstarters and crowd funders from people who really need the money.

1:58:00 – 2:54:00
The Crew and Dave Z. review Let the Right One In

2:54:00 – 3:14:00
Alex, Jamie and Dave Z. discuss the sequels they would like to see in the future.

3:15:00 – 3:25:00
Alex and Dave Z. wrap up the show

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