Vacancy 2 Movie Review

Vacancy 2: The First Cut Movie Review
Directed by Eric Bross
Available on Dvd January 20,2009
This seems to be the year of stdvd horror sequels. Off the top of my head there is Joy Ride 2, Reeker 2, Rest Stop 2 and now Vacancy 2. While most of those were watchable this one is probably the best of all of those. While it brings nothing original to the slasher/survival horror genre it was still an entertaining ride and story to see how it all began. I usually hate sequel/prequel movies because for the most part you already know how its going to end. Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning was very unnecessary and was hurt because of this. For the most part, in Vacancy it was pretty interesting to see how the baddies evolved from secret sex tape selling to eventually snuff films.
The story is about this guy and his fiance, that are on their way to move into their new house close to the girl’s parents. They bring along the guy’s smart ass annoying best friend to hang out one final time before the big move is finished. Without giving away too many spoilers the motel and its crew are now full force taping the secret snuff films and they plan on getting the kids. They originally think its just the boy and his g/f but they quickly find out there is a 3rd friend. The friend sneaks into an empty room to sleep and finds some secret camera equipment which shows his friend and his fiance about to fuck in the room. He busts in on them and tells them what he saw. They try to flee and the rest of the movie is about the 3 baddies fucking with them while they struggle for their lives.
As far as the positives I really liked the story, characters and how it all evolved. All the actors, especially the main motel clerk did a solid job. The production values looked pretty high and the director did a solid job. Mostly positive feedback but there are a few things I had problems with. First off how can you have a movie about secret sex tapes without showing any titties? In one shot there was a chick that laid face down and you saw her ass from a camera monitor that wasnt very clear. I liked the ending more than I thought I would but if it really went down that way then I highly doubt the motel would have stayed in business which means there shouldnt have been a vacancy 1. I didnt love Vacancy 1 but I thought it was worth watching for this type of movie and the sequel is pretty much in the same boat. If you liked the first one they you will probably dig the sequel. On a scale of 1-10 I give this a nail to the skull 7.1 out of 10.
Trailer (medium spoilers)