Want Your Own Podcast?

Do you want to join the Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts? If you’ve always wanted to podcast but didn’t want to pay the expensive fees that services like Libsyn or Podomatic charge then look no further. We can host your podcast for free. You’ll have total control over your own podcast. Not only will your podcast be featured as part of the main feed of the Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts but you will also have your own separate feed that people can suscribe to. Plus you will be placed in Itunes, Zune, and Zencast directories for maximum exposure. If you already know how to edit and record your own podcasts then thats cool but if you don’t know that much or need help, we can help you get started. We’ll give you tips on what equipment and software to use and even the basics of editing. We are primarily a horror website so horror podcasting is cool but we are also open to other kinds of movie and entertainment podcasts. If this sounds like something that you want to do or inquire about then shoot us an email to realhorrorfans@horrorphilia.com Can’t wait for you to join the family.

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  1. My name is Louis LaPoint and i would like to inquire about starting a podcast.I am a big fan of banana laser and skeleton crew.I have been a big genre fan since the 80's.I have never hosted a podcast before but i am told i have a really good voice. Besides being a big horror fan, I am also a wrestling fan.I have alot of knowledge about both.If you could please get back to me and let me know some basics and what i need to do on my end, it would be much appreciated. Fourleafcloveririshgreen@gmail.com

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