Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption (2011) Movie Review

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption (2011)
Director: Ryan Thompson
Reviewer: Chuck Conry

At the end of civilization, zombies greatly outnumber humans and everyday is a fight to see tomorrow. Just when he is about to give up that fight, rugged wanderer John Knox winds up being saved by a ragtag group of survivors lead by a man named Moses. After initial suspicion, Knox proves his worth and slips into his new family in the wasteland, but one day a war party of maniacal raiders assaults the camp, killing or kidnapping everybody in sight. It’s up to Knox and the few who escaped the attack to gather what resources they can (including zombies!) and launch an all-or-nothing attack on the raiders’ home fortress.

It always helps when a zombie movie is fun and this sequel to Zombie Apocalypse is at least fun if nothing else. Packing a fun cast that includes fun characters like, Alicia Clark as Sarah, Didrik Davis as Billy, and Johnny Gel as Knox. It also mixes in some cool vets like, Fred Williamson. In a way, you can almost feel a touch of Mad Max in this film, be it a minor touch but a touch none the less. Of course the film does have a few faults a long the way. Like for one, it has the same issue most new horror films have, it’s got too much CGI blood and gore. It also has a plot that at times makes the whole zombie issue, which is a big issue, take a backseat. But if you are able to look over those facts, it makes for a much more enjoyably watch overall.

The film does give us a couple very well choreographed fight scenes. There are shootouts, fights, and a couple good scenes involving hordes of zombies. Their are two that stand out, one early and of course the one at the end. Besides those, it’s just a few zombies here and there with the main conflict being between two groups of people. Also, as far as what types of zombies we are dealing with, it’s a mixed bag. Some run, some walk, and they all more or less look really good. They have more effort put into them than just green painted faces. And that’s a good thing too, seeing as how this isn’t the 70s. I’m not sure how memorable this movie will be after a day or two from watching it, but as dearly noted throughout this review, it’s at least got some fun in it while you are watching it. And that can go a long way.