The Skeleton Crew


The Skeleton Crew is hosted by Alex Edwards, Jamie Jenkins and Dan. This is a show that offers franchise retrospectives, video commentaries, original vs. remake battles, breakdowns, and interviews with indie and big name Writers, Directors, and Actors in the genre.

Our goal is to entertain horror fans through reviews, humor, high production skits and actual valid thought out reasons why we love or hate a movie or certain aspects of it. Sometimes watching a movie is not enough, we provide a walk-thru of movies you love so much.

Guests have included Danny Trejo, Linda Blair, Danielle Harris, Bill Moseley, Tom Atkins, Linnea, Mark Patton, Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, Ted White, Miguel Nunez, Adrienne King, Don Coscarelli, Adam Green, Russell Todd, Tuesday Knight, John Amplas, Carol Locotell, Ron Millkie, Justin Beahm, Billy Kirkus, Alex Mann, Robert Galluzzo, Jason Christopher… more to come STAY TUNED!
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  1. great podcast guys. i love listening to you guys go back forth over movies and other cool shit. reminds me of myself and my friends hanging out talking.

    • Thanks bro, happy to hear it. Yea man, that;s why we started it ourselves. No one we know in our personal lives cares to give that much thought into these haha

  2. When is a new one going to be available? Would love you guys to do a podcast on Mario Bava's horror films like Black Sabbath, Black Sunday, A Bay of Blood etc

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